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Real Estate - Property - land development 

The Buffalo Group of Companies LTD. specializes in Construction Management, Physical Planning, and Property Development. Our services range from Land and Property Development to Real Estate. We develop industrial and commercial properties throughout the US and Canada. As a company we purchase un-developed land, provide financing on real-estate, develop properties, and can manage any commercial or industrial construction project.

Regardless of development type, whether it is commercial or industrial you have to know what each job entails. We have to factor in what the land or potential property has to offer. Then you have to evaluate the surrounding area.  To fully assess a property you have to understand what every step of the development process. You have to plan ahead and then factor in what individual additions will bring to the overall project. Walking the property and its entirety is the key to our success. Being involved and on-site to oversee any unforeseen obstacles and make improvements to an idea is what truly sets us apart from the rest.

“As a developer we work alongside so many different individual from engineers, to architects, city officials, planners, surveyors, inspectors, and general contractors throughout the entire development process. On every job that we develop, I personally walk the site. I envision every mynute detail this helps me identify elements that could pose to be a potential challenge or a costly expense that may need to be re-envisioned.”

– Nick Kaura President - The Buffalo Group (M.I. Micro e)

Developing raw land and the overall design for the project, there are many different things to take into consideration. You have to an understanding what the end goal is, and what type of developing the project requires, as well each step within the development process.

As real estate developers we coordinate all of these activities, converting ideas from paper to putting these into action by managing the construction process. By eliminating and anticipating any unforeseen issues early in the project. The Buffalo Group has experienced this can be help manage cost and the overall project’s ROI. The proper design can really enhanced the appeal to potential customer and increase marketability on the property.